Domestic Requirements and support measures in Green Sectors. Economic and Environmental Effectiveness and Implications for Trade.

This study explores the use of local content requirements in the green economy, with a specific focus on South Africa. The study – commissioned by UNCTAD and prepared by WTI Advisors (Geneva) – examines the emerging use of local content as an increasingly common tool in industrial policy; one aimed both at higher (and higher-skilled) job creation and the shifting of economies towards low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially-inclusive bases. In terms of approach, the study:

  • Outlines the basic definition, rationales, history and traditional practice of local content requirements, with emphasis on the energy sector (Chapter 2);
  • Notes some of the lessons from the successes and failures of local content measures, particularly in the developing-country setting (Chapter 3);
  • Outlines the emergence of local content to promote industrial objectives based on a green economy platform, with a specific focus on South Africa (Chapter 4);
  • and Explores some of the same key lessons highlighted earlier, but in the context of the green economy (Chapter 5), and provides concluding thoughts (Chapter 6).


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